Why Nigeria must divide into countries

By Olohy Ejembi

Due to the kind of responses I got by the opinions I have written about Nigeria in particular and Africa in general, my discussions with friends and colleagues and other public opinions, I decided sometime ago that I would not bother myself anymore to discuss or worry about how this country could be redeemed. But no sane person that will not have hysteria of worries about how sodomy this country has gone, and there’s no quid pro qou as a substitute that can make such a person to stop talking or complaining about the situation. We must keep discussing the solutions at least for posterity sake.

I was determined to turn my face away, because I realized that, to put frankly and laconically, Nigeria as a country can never be redeemed anymore – it can’t stop getting worst every passing day. Full of obstinate people, the high-handedness and social wretchedness are overwhelming, and the corruption in the land is nonpareil and unquenchable. I told my colleagues sometime ago that when Satan was thrown from heaven he must have landed in Africa, and whereat another person added that his precise landing location was Nigeria. This must sound harsh and insulting to us, but a woman in labour doesn’t have to be shy of her naked groin. After all, despite our education and civilization in these modern times, we are indescribably and increasingly becoming more barbaric and reason lower than animals.

Considering how corrupt Nigerians are, and how seemingly inseparable they are from their self-impricated factiousness, thinking of any solutions for the horrendous crux becomes a quandary. However, a critical consideration of some of the banes suggest that it’ll be far better if Nigeria divides into separate countries than remain as one country.

The worst bane that will always keep Nigeria in the grave is ideological differences. An ideology, if superstitiously help, controls human beings than laws and the spirit of consanguinity/affiliation. There is no constitution or treaty that is honoured like it, and nothing binds a people together like it. Above all, nothing is as manipulative as ideology. Apart from land disputes, hardly a conflict in the world that is not started by some crafty ideologues, whether political or religious.

We’ve been having continues bloody crises in this country, but when Nigerians are together in a normal place you will realize that there are no tribes in the country that are particularly troublesome – the people from the South are not particularly wicked, neither are the people from the North. But where an ideology stirs the air the result is usually a cyclonic hostility. This is because, as intelligence reports have shown, for example, there are people who relentlessly want to islamize this country. These people and their followers will never let harmonious coexistence thrive as far as there are people around who do not believe in the ideology.

This sparks the kind of political taboos that permeate the polity of this country. The people who believe that it’s their obligation to ‘god’ to islamize this country also believe that it’s haram (profane) for someone who doesn’t follow the belief to be the leader of the country, no matter how good s/he may be. By all means their interest is not for the progress of the country – at least not until they achieve the agenda -, but in whatever promotes their course.

Whether we like it or not this predilection is already indelible in their minds, and the plan and desire to achieve it can never be extinguished. Like the Taliban in Afghanistan, they will continue to fight and kill, and the government will remain unproductive until they take over the country. And of course, the Fulani man believes that it’s a divine task upon him to finish the crusade his ancestors, led by Usman Dan Fodio, started. Therefore, like I said before, the Fulanis also do not particularly hate other Nigerians. The Fulanis are typically kind. My younger sister is named after a Fulani woman who was our family friend. But majority of them are manipulated by an ideological proclivity considered pivotal and more rewarding. Perhaps, they are manipulated by the singular instruction in the Quran that says “O you who believe, fight those unbelievers who are near you, and let them find harshness in you. Know well that Allah is with the God-fearing” (Surah 9:123).

Therefore, the country can only be peaceful and progressive if we let them control all parts of the country. However, since everyone can’t be converted to Islam, dividends of government will be tilted, and many of us will be oppressed. Hence the best solution is to divide the country so that the part already dominated by this ideology can become a separate country as an Islamic state. Nigeria will continue to go from bad to worse in crises and leadership until it’s divided, because the ideological differences are incompatible, brewing a hatred that cannot be smothered until we are separated.

Nigeria can never be better. It’ll continue to deterioriate no matter how hard we pray or wish, if it remains as a country. The political ripple of the ruling class has repulsively annihilated every proportion of good leadership – another reason the country must be divided. Forming a cult-like phalanx, a group of like-minded people who completely lack leadership quality – people who are shameless, callous, and albeit bestial, without human feelings – have hijacked the leadership of Nigeria. This group of people are themselves political terrorists whose aim is to neutralize any attempt to end corruption, and to perpetually keep Nigeria as their personal industry.

Knowing that the ruling class are unreasonable due to their selfishness, those among the ruling class that are focused towards making Nigeria what they ideologically want it to be are using the principle of divide-and-rule (a political style that weakens opposition) to manipulate the whole system. They make sure there are no other formidable political groups to oppose their obnoxious plan to impose their beliefs and leadership on others.

We do not need an expert to tell us that there are no governments that can deliver effectively without a strong and viable opposition. In Nigeria, because the leaders are like-minded vampires, there’s no true opposition as they keep crosscarpeting whenever power changes from one party to another.

Therefore, to disband these hijackers of the country’s leadership and resources, Nigeria must be divided. As far as Nigeria remains as a country these political cankerworms that are controlling the country’s government will keep eating up the skeleton that is holding this country. But when the country is divided they will be scattered, and it will be difficult for them to hijack their new countries – at least they won’t succeed in all. These people do not think of Nigeria as a country to develop economically, socially and technologically as other leaders are doing in their countries. They only think of Nigeria as a mining site. Therefore, divide the country and they’ll scatter.

In addition, another reason this country should end is the agitations for self-determination that are going on, which have become bloody already. It is part of the ideological issues I discussed earlier. No matter how much government authorities go against it, it’s already an unstoppable issue. Even if government keeps carrying out raids on the agitators and arresting them, it’ll never stop again. Many people are already tired of the injustice in the country. Even if Nnandi Kanu is killed IPOB’s agitation, for example, will never stop. The same with the Oduduwa people. Therefore, we don’t need to continue killing and incarcerating others for an idea no regiment of army can defeat. Let’s us learn from Afghanistan and divide the country now, because no matter how long it takes the country shall divide one day – it’s a matter of time.

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