Why Hon. Mojisola Alli-Marcauley should not denigrate Nigerian youths

By Nnamdi Okosieme

It was Prof Achebe who in Things Fall Apart, reminded us of the Igbo proverb, which says that those whose palm kernels have been cracked for them by benevolent spirits, should not forget to be humble.

I do not know the story of Madam Mojisola Alli-Macaulay representing Amuwo Odofin I in Lagos State House of Assembly but I do know she studied in the United Kingdom as she herself tells us in the video which went viral.

She obviously wears it as a badge of honour. Well she is entitled to gloat. What she is not entitled to is to denigrate Nigerian youths the way she has in the video.

Suddenly, Nigerian youths have become drug addicts. Well, yes, some of them do drugs as do youths in the UK she referenced.

It is tragic that Nigerian government officials lack the broad mindedness to view issues holistically and to think strategically. Most of them see things in black and white only. For them there are no grey areas.

That’s the reason our Minister of Information and Culture will only think of closing the space for interaction instead of expanding the conversation with Nigerian youths to understand their desires and motivations.

It is why a young man like Desmond Elliot who ordinarily ought to embody the hopes and aspirations of youths and so be able to represent their interests is embarrassingly bereft of empathy.

True, Nigerian youths have their shortcomings but who doesn’t? Haven’t Nigerians in the last 60 years been witnesses to the repeated gaffes and Faux pas of elders (leaders) whose actions and inactions have brought the country to its knees today.

It is time Nigerian youths began to take seriously the issue of who governs them. They should begin to question the sanity of their leaders.

2023 is just around the corner. It should be the starting point for the entrenchment of a new political order.

Nigerian youths should remember who did and who said what and reward them accordingly.

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