The Tiv nation cannot go extinct

By Mchia Michael

Since amalgamation, the Tiv people have been on the receiving end. Just like the Jewish people whom a promise was made to them of a land flowing with milk and honey, the Tiv people too continue to search for a fertile land since they came out of the Congo.

The difference between the Jewish and the Tiv people is that as for the former God made a promise that he will drive other people and give them the land of his choice, but for the latter they have to struggle for themselves and earn food and land for their living.

This is where we have found ourselves, and it seems our story is a story of a people who are used and dumped. During the civil war the Tiv nation made up of 50% of those who fought to keep Nigeria one. After the war, it seems a Tiv man is not worthy of standing at the corridor of powers, talkless of been in the kitchen cabinet.

This was systematically done right at the creation of states where the Tiv nation was dismembered into small pieces and distributed in Plateau, Gongola and even Niger. And when the states were created again, the Tiv people were scattered in Nasarawa, Taraba and some part of Abuja. Instead of creating two states for the Tiv nation, they were divided so that their strength will be weakened.

Now there is a serious crisis between the Tiv in Adamawa, Taraba and other ethnic tribes. Day in day out, you see busses upon busses packing Tiv people to a land of no destination, because originally that is where they belong, the present location where they are chased out.

The disadvantage of the Tiv people is that they speak one language and they are not eager to learn other languages. All the other tribes at this divide speak Hausa language as a common language and have their tribal languages too.

Those other tribes that speak Hausa language finds it more easily to unite and have a common front to fight the Tiv people when there is a simple misunderstanding, but the Tiv hasn’t been able to liaise with any other tribe to fight against another because of language barriers.

Be that as it may, our problem is compounded now that the Tiv boys are joining the other tribes to kill there own brothers and sisters simply because of money.

Do not sit somewhere and laugh that, that is a Sankera palavr. It is far beyond that. The exodus I witnessed happening around those axis is not just about the Sankera people, it is about flushing Tiv people out of Taraba, Adamawa and Nasarawa states. This has been on for the past ten years.

Ask yourselves, how long have those in the IDP camps stayed in such camps? Is there any effort to take them back to their ancestral homes? Are they going to be in the camps forever?

But the Tiv nation cannot go extinct. It was done to Jews by the Germans but now the Jews are scattered all over world. The best hospitals, military wares and personal are found in Israel. Do not give up the Tiv nation, you have been known to be brave people. We cannot go extinct. If worse comes to worse we shall all go down. Stand up and fight for your rights.

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