The man they killed

By Mchia Michael

On this faithful Sunday, he was driving towards Ugba and between Mchia and Abeda, he saw some Christians worshipping under a shell tree. The thatched Church got burnt the previous night. For whatever and wherever he was going, he abandoned his journey and joined the worshipping community under the three.

The following day, the villagers saw a truck with blocks for the construction of a new Church courtesy of Terkura Suswam. In a space of three weeks the Church was done and furnished with plastic chairs for worship. The Church in question is NKST Akaasema. That is the Man they killed.

Last year our JAMB centre in Katsina-Ala was cancelled because of insecurity. In a twinkle of an eye Terkura equipped his school and met up with the JAMB standard. That was why and how he solved the problem of our little children travelling far and wild to write JAMB.

This solved the problem of accommodation, transportation fare, risk of travelling long distance, problem of food and even the temptation of falling into the hands of bad people for our younger ones. That is the Man they killed.

We hardly receive radio signals over Sankera axis, Ashiwaves is our basic source of information. Terkura was the one who brought it. That is the Man they killed.

When there was Tiv/Jukun crisis here and people were running helter skelter, Terkura loaded water in his hilux and was giving to those who were dying of thirst. He also gave some some money to take them to wherever they were going. That is the Man they have killed.

When the Fulanis were fighting us here, he was the only man who dared the jungle to dialogue with them and woo them over for a football match. That is the Man they killed.

He employed thousands of youths in his companies and schools. That is the Man they killed.

Rest on dear brother. You have done your bit. May the Lord accept you into his kingdom. May your assailants have a change of heart and be converted too.

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