SDGs: Synergising With legislatures to improve social services at recession in Nigeria

By Abubakar Yusuf

For the second time in five years,Nigeria and world continent is witnessing a recession, basically this developement normally affects services and other integral part of government programs towards it’s citizens.

But the SDGs, under it’s indefatigable leadership, did not take any chances towards making provisions for such emergencies, both in the previous occurrence and the current developement.

Princess Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire taken cognisance of the significance of establishing a window of synergy between the executive and the legislature in Nigeria, had worked round the clock to mitigate the two periods of economic downturn.

This is unconnected with the global outlook of the SDGs,but domestication of some key programs of the agency to meeting the expectations of many Nigerians.

SDGs under the current leadership sees the robust and collective responsibility as a panacea to address all arising unforeseen circumstances, particularly that touch the lives of ordinary Nigerians.

Since the basis of the body is to ensure an uninterrupted basic social services, infrastructural developement,eradication of illiteracy,good and quality health care both in the rural and urban areas, working on the same template and in synergy became a sine qua non to the realization of these objectives.

There fore, in the last five years, adequate attention and wherewithal is allowed to the Legislative arm of government, since they are the representatives of various people,to fund projects that had direct bearings on the lives of the people.

This is practicable by the frequent release of funds for Constituency projects top most on the priority list by the Management of SDGs,since the execution of projects specified in the annual budget of lawmakers are geared towards a better life for ordinary Nigerians.

This tradition and culture of the Managers of the SDGs in Nigeria, had been a recurring decimal, to the excitement of the Legislatures who are anxious to impart social services on the lives of their immediate Constituents and Nigerians.

Hence, ordinary Nigerians are already prepared for such situations through the cushioning measures by the Federal Lawmakers, enabled by the programs of SDGs through empowerment, skills and capacity building, seminars and workshop on various ways to utilize items provided, provision of fertilisers for season and off season farming and farmers, engagement of macro and micro finance business by various Constituents, in all the Constituency making up the Nigerian state.

The direct supervision and job specifications, implementation of programs of the Legislatures in their various Constituents without reservation, had been a sort encouragement from the SDGs office.

This positive developement has prepared the minds of many Nigerians, inspite of the global recession and of government inability to address some or it’s social responsibility, the intervention agency like the SDGs is alive to it’s responsibility, by bridging the gap and dearth of the unforseen circumstances prevalent in our polity.

The readiness of the Management of SDGs in Nigeria, through it’s synergy had manifested as it has already kick the ground running, in anticipation of the current global recession, that Nigeria is not an exception.

The basic requirements and templates of intervention in various areas are already on ground and in top gear, as the positive effects on the lives of Nigerians will reduce to the barest minimum, the anticipation of more severe consequences on the living standard.

This enablement and it’s application is a recurring activities of the agency to ensure even development, curb rural urban migration and unforseen human and unavoidable crises, on the living standard of both the low,middle and high income earners.

This administrative drive and zeal has sustain and without recourse to the emergencies, overcome many envisage difficulty by the populace through SDGs.

This resulted in the success story of the current SDGs managers, under Her Excellency, Princess Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire.

Abubakar Yusuf writes this piece from Abuja

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