Osun PDP and the treatise of disjointed minds

Ibrahim Sarafa

If I’m to properly gauge the mood of things in Osun Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), I’ll simply conclude that the wrong politics is gaining foothold. To a casual observer, what is happening in Osun PDP is normal in any political setup as struggle for dominance is common, but looking deeper, and you’ll observe something dangerous is playing out.

Certain elements are hiding under misgivings in the party to push a different agenda– and that is to push the party down. The signs are there going by the persistent manipulations of thoughts and desperate attempt to blame the woes of the party on one source– the Adelekes.

Anyone who examined this trend will realize something very important– fear of unknown laced with hatred. Time and again, I’ve read postulations against the Adelekes, but aggregating those views showed corrosive mindsets. Typical of such was a recent write-up that tried fruitlessly to paint a successful businessman, Dr Deji Adeleke, in some uncanny image.

I’ll like to give it to Benjamin Oluwafemi, he is doing almost everything to earn himself a reputation of devious spin brat, but in his most recent voyage, he failed grossly. Apart from the fact that his write-up was incoherent, it showed his poor understanding of issues or probably, he chose to adopt a posture that fouled logical reasoning from any point of view.

For instance, he mischievously claimed Dr Deji Adeleke was ‘a pain in the ass of PDP’ but that is not what the record is saying to any serious and discerning mind in Osun PDP. Infact, Osun PDP should be grateful for having the backing of an illustrious and resourceful person in the class of the Ede-born billionaire, who has not only donated his wealth(in cash and goodwill) to the growth of Osun PDP, but stood by the party when it mattered most.

And no, I’m not exaggerating, it is the fact. That is what those who tried to paint a different picture of a history we all witnessed but it is too soon for that. That is, quite simply, a big failing on their side to think people can be so unreasonable to realize the ignoble route they are willing to drag everyone on.

Cynicism is cowardice, and that is the best response for anyone who wants to conclude that Dr Deji Adeleke support for Osun PDP is for pecuniary gain. Far from it, though, someone like Oluwafemi may find it hard to accept. Let him know that not everyone is easily swayed to shift focus at the sight of N20m cheque, and he should know very well by now that Dr Deji Adeleke is far above that. The dynasty has been blessed beyond any embittered soliloquizing.

Here is what antagonists of the Adelekes seem to have forgotten– they are always after the interest of the masses which has earned them so many structures of unflincing support in the state. And that is what the quest in governorship race is all about, not the selfish purpose that some are mischievously trying to paint. Even the public knows this truth and that explains the mystery behind potency of their popularity acceptability to the public all these years.

Politics everywhere is always driven by interests, but when that interest assumes a destructive tendency, it raises serious concerns in the minds of faithful and committed party men. For any political party, the support of someone in the status of Dr Deji Adeleke should bring joy and confidence. Just like in football for instance, having Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo in your team, is an added advantage that gives a team an edge. Aside their personal performance, the fear factor they bring to any team is enormous and play no small role in delivering victory on the pitch. Put Messi up for a spot kick, the goalkeeper is almost half dead before the former moves a muscle towards the ball.

That is what Osun PDP has been enjoying since Dr Deji Adeleke identified with the party and shouldn’t be taken for granted. It is however important to state that whoever is advising anyone on a continuous attack on Dr Deji ostensibly to discourage him and severe support for Osun PDP is not only an enemy to the party, but to the good people of Osun who anxiously wait on the party for rescue from the abyss of ruinous APC.

No matter how you look at it, he has done so much for the party, and a recent audit attested to it. This is too obvious, but corrosive elements who are determined to frustrate Osun PDP out of reckoning are always throwing knee-jerk rhetorics to mislead the public. That shows the evil intentions and hope they can have a rethink before it is too late for them.

Ibrahim Sarafa writes from Iwo, Osun state

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A prolific writer of about two decades standing experience
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