Nigeria @60: The misunderstood truth from Buhari

First, I say to Nigerians, “Happy 60th anniversary!”

Trending on social media presently is the vented anger by Nigerians against what they (mis)understood President Buhari said in his speech on Nigeria’s 60th Independence Anniversary.

At item 30 of the president’s address, he said: “Democracy, the world over and as I am pursuing in Nigeria, recognizes the power of the people. However, if some constituencies choose to bargain off their power, they should be prepared for denial of their rights.”

Some Nigerians expressed anger and asked which “constituencies” President Buhari may be “threatening” with denial of rights. I am sad at this clear misunderstanding, while at the same time, I am glad that the president has the courage to tell Nigerians the needed truth. To me, the above quote is the most outstanding quote by President Buhari since 2015.

Nigerians, President Buhari has looked us in the eye and told us that the CHOICE is ours to make, whether to BARGAIN OFF our POWER (That is, to sell our birthright for crumbs of bread), which would rob us of our rights, or to retain our self-respect, integrity, and power, and therefore retain our rights. Why should Nigerians be angry at this statement?

As I have written is the past, a people that elevates their privileges above their responsibilities shall soon lose their privileges.
Nigerians have no right to demand good governance from their “elected” leaders if they have EXTORTED those leaders in exchange for their votes.

We have been rejecting candidates with brainy heads, upright hearts, and skilful hands simply because they could not or did not give us wads of money, bags of rice, and other perishables in exchange for our votes. We have celebrated and adulated the money bags who are very POOR, with only money to stake.
President Buhari has sounded the wakeup trumpet. He that has ears to hear, let him hear.

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