Ngokugh plane crash rescue mobilizer dies

By Tahav Agerzua

His son, Detimbir, called his line and Daniel Kenti, who had hunted game at the very spot with Chia Anakula who picked the call, stated that the plane crashed where they shot at but missed a deer.

The young men made an urgent request on phone for the mobilization of members of the Mbakunu community to climb up the Ngokugh hills to rescue survivors of the crash.

With axes, diggers, and similar implements rescuers rushed up and hacked into the wreckage and brought out five survivors.

Unfortunately, 13 military officers lost their lives in that military plane crash on Ngokugh hills in Kwande local government area on September 17, 2006.

Fourteen years later, the man who took that phone call at the foot of the hills and mobilized the rescue operation, Chia Anakula, died on September 16, 2020.

Aged 71 years, he was laid to rest yesterday, 14th October.

Before his passing, his son Detimbir, who climbed to the top of the hills with four other youths to locate the site of the crash, took the limelight.

The 14-year old secondary school student at the time took a hand set from one of the survivors and was able to dial his father’s phone number which he had memorized.

Two years ago Detimbir Chia realized his ambition of becoming a military officer when he graduated from the Nigeria Defence Academy and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant of the Nigeria Army.

He came as a Lieutenant to lay is father, Chia Anakula, to rest at his country home in Mbakunu, Kwande local government area.

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