June 12 – The conspiracy day

By Olohy Ejembi

June 12, a Conspiracy Day, not Democracy Day!

It was through conspiracy that Abiola rose to affluence and influence that motivated his political ambitions which led to his contest in the June 12 presidential election.

Abiola conspired with some people in govt to manipulate ITT.

ITT management saw that there would be great benefits in the long run, overlooked Abiola’s manipulation, and then agreed with Abiola’s terms and conditions, and conspired with him to exploit and extort from Nigeria and its citizens.

Abiola not satisfied with the wealth he acquired through ITT went further to conspire with death to cheat IBB. (I believe I am not the only one who knows the untold story about what was between Kudirat Abiola and IBB before her death)

IBB, being a better player known for his Maradonaic attribute, conspired with time to deceive Abiola to contest for president on June 12.

Conspiracy raised Abiola to affluence and influence, and conspiracy sent him to death.

Even at death Federal govt conspired with doctors to say that Abiola died a natural death.

And now Buhari who is a master of CONSPIRACY – I haven’t said he conspires with herdsmen and Boko haram anyway – thereto has conspired with events and hypocrites to change Democracy Day to Conspiracy Day, June 12, because he beliefs democracy is haram.

Democracy is haram where voters’ votes do not count.

Democracy is haram where leaders emerge by rigging elections.

Democracy is haram where leadership is oligarchical.

Democracy is haram where nepotism pervades the system.

Democracy is haram where govt reinforces Islamofascists in the name of herdsmen to kill its citizens down to Omusu, causing panic in Ojigo and Akpodo.

Democracy is haram where leaders conspired to make their country the Poverty Capital of the world.

Democracy is haram where security forces kill innocent people and help the bad guys to progress with their evils.


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