How Dr Kashim Yunusa Akor is sustaining the glory of National Productivity Centre

By Abubakar Yusuf

Dr Kashim Yunusa Akor is the Director General, National Productivity Centre (NPC) with the aim geared towards sustaining and reliving productivity in all sectors of Nigerian economy.

National Productivity Centre, NPC, is an offshoot of one of the parastatatals in the Labour Ministry, with the sole aim to ensure productive tendencies in both the private and the public sector organisation in Nigeria.

Armed with it’s mandate to deploy the productive template in all ramifications, the desire for a robust manager on the driver’s seat coincided with the appointement of Dr Kashimu Akor as the Director General, few years away.

Not long after the ascension to the leadership of the most lameduck organisation,the turn of events began to manifest, owing to on the job and wealth of experience garnered over the years, geared towards producing results.

Dr Kashim drive to refocus the agency was unwavering and knows no bounds, creed, religion or extraction, as productivity, positive output and results became his watchword.

He ensured all areas in government Ministries, Agencies and Parastatatals hitherto, characterise with idleness as well as private sector driven entities laddened with mere window dressing, was reform to meet the yearnings and aspirations of many Nigerians.

Dr Akor’s current leadership witnessed massive transformation and reforms to address the global era of COVID-19 pandemic,so as sustain the massess with the current developement.

This activities of NPC, is carried out through a rejigged supervisory and inspectorate division, as well as hardwork and reward system to distinguish public and private individuals or conglomerates, through due diligence, hardwork and results.

Dr Kashim Akor’s wealth of experience trascends ensuring every sector is productive,it went ahead to attract political office holders into channeling their Constituency projects, aside the statutory functions of the NPC, by providing both empowerment,capacity building,skill development programs using the agency and it’s robust activities as spring board to reach their Constituents.

This postive developement turned the NPC as agency with beehive of activities for federal legislators, as they were encouraged into impacting productive activities, that had led to self sustenance through it’s intermediate programs.

Akor within his first tenure was able to revolutionise,inculcate and imbibe the policy of self reliance through hardwork, perseverance, determination of Nigerians, in it’s various programs and policies that drive the current economic position of Nigeria, to a productive venture.

Apart making Nigerians in all facets productive,the NPC under his leadership ensure that items procured through due process are deployed for the purpose intended, devoid of any untoward activities.

This had brought all the activities of both public and organised private sector undergone a major reform, to deliver it’s mandates to Nigerians.

NPC on its own had organised workshop, talkshops, seminars to create awareness invline with the prevailing situations on how to manage productive venture in emergency situations, like ours in Nigeria, as a result of world ravaged pandemic of COVID-19.

With Dr Akor still presiding on the leadership roles f NPC, no doubt, the growing awareness through internal and external mechanisms, will propel more activities of it’s agency into management of many conglomerates to success.

Abubakar Yusuf Writes From Abuja

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