How Dr Kashim Akor, NPC is exploring productivity through PPP in creative industry, as alternative revenue outlet to Nigeria during recession

The renewed wave of clamour for productive life in the public and private sectors has assume another dimension in the last few years, under the leadership of the vibrant Director General, National Productivity Centre NPC, Alhaji Dr Kashim Akor.

Aside the unrepentant ideas and ideals of revamping and rebranding all areas of our economic life back to productive status,the current helsman in NPC had launch a strong clamour for mass participation in the creative industry, as another lucrative area that could serve as huge revenue area, that will bridge the gap of underdevelopment,economic crises and social stratification in Nigeria.

This singular ideas mulled by the NPC leadership through creative industry as non oil revenue generating sector, is now been placed at the front burner,as it is obtainable in both developing and developed countries in recent times, with thriving and surviving economic,social and other non- governmental activities.

With the prevailing global crises occassioned from health related, economic downturn and unpredictable social and political events in the developing countries like Nigeria,it is now timely the avowed template to diversify through the non- oil sector,that had been the bane of the stable economy to other virgin areas.

This position been bandied by NPC as part of the additional revenue areas has sustain the economies of some European, African,Asian and Arabian countries cannot be jettison in the context of Nigeria.

The existence of some creative industries both in some African,non African and European countries like Nollywood,Bollywood,Pollywood and other home theaters that had contributed in quantum to the economies of the various countries in the area of revenue generation,productive societies of ours,may not be out of place in the current era in Nigeria.

Dr Akor had taken the bull by the horn aside awareness, and engage in paper presentation as another avenue to re-awaken the sensibilities of creative Nigerians at all levels, through encouragement and paper presentation and re-orientation.

The National clamour for encouragement of creative industry as another avenue of engagement of many Nigerians from the inertia,is capable of building a permanent base, employment route that will curb unemployment side by side revenue generation in Nigeria.

What Dr Akor of NPC is championing as the new norm from the creative industry, through aggressive diversification of the nation’s economy in the current multiple global health crises, economic recession will go down well in rejigging the productive areas in Nigeria.

With an enabling environment through support and policies of government and laws, NPC view on creative industry will transform the industry as the mainstay of the Nigerian economy.

This is coming at a time,there is a strong signal of dwindling oil revenue and price volatility, both in oil and non- oil producing countries like Nigeria.

Dr Akor’s position when genuinely initiated and implemented through a concerted government policies and programs, taken congnisance of productive stance will serve as an a leeway into managing the upsurge and demands of our daily activities.

This positive developement of embracing the productive aspect of creative industry, will also be a departure from many decades reliability on oil base revenue, that had become a nightmare and a monthly,quarterly,yearly and routine feast of the federating states through allocations and distribution.

According to NPC,the private sector driven program in the creative industry,will also encourage positive initiatives, encouragement and engagement into productive ventures.

Therefore,the collective and needed support both from the private and public entites will drive the economy of Nigeria to eldorado.

Abubakar Yusuf writes from Abuja

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