Hon. Olaifa set to train over 300 artisans

…Set to provide infrastructure for his constituents

By Lazarus Zakaa, Abuja

Over three hundred youths and artisans of Egbado North and Imeko Afon federal constituency of Ogun state are set to receive an empowerment scheme sponsored by the representative of the constituency in the National Assembly, Rep. Olaifa Jimoh Aremu.

The initiative was announced by Rep. Olaifa when Coalition of Online Association of Nigeria honoured him with award of excellence in his office in Abuja.

The Honourable member said the empowerment initiative is aimed at positively impacting on the fortunes of youths who are engaged in petty trading but has need for equipment to aid their work.

According to him, the scheme which is commencing in three weeks time at Irero government areas in the constituency where various forms of monetary interventions will be granted to the targeted beneficiaries who will also receive aide.

“Very soon hopefully in the next three weeks maximum I will do my empowerment programme for my constituent, where some gadgets will be distributed, like grounding machines, hair dressing equipments tailoring machines and generating sets for those who are doing some little business, because of shortage of power supply.

“Next week again about 300 people will be trained in the act of entrepreneurship ranging from tie and dye, barbing and catering at Irero it’s a senatorial headquarters.

” we have done the shortlisting of t all the names, already the venue is secure, the programme is cost free for all beneficiaries, transportation, feeding and accommodation and also start up packs will be provided to all of them (350) .

Hon. Olaifa also said plans are on the way to give the good people of his constituency basic amenities.

” I promised them rural electrification via provision of transformers, which I also been doing and it is still on going, I also promised them tertiary institutions because the whole of my federal constituency with exception of a campus in my home town Olabisi university which is been run belatically, which is been run the way it’s not supposed to be run,apart from that there is no way the whole of my federal constituency where you can see any post secondary school institution, before the expiration of my four year tenure at least we will hav a bill pass into law that will established a tertiary institution in that constituency which we already working on.

” I have my bill which is on the floor almost passing the second reading that will established of a national border academy which will be sited at Imeko which is the headquarters of the second local government I am representing,

“These are some of the things they should be expecting from me in the Shortest time, but in the long run as from next year till the end of this tenure, they should also be expecting more supplies in the areas of transformers, also areas of rural road rehabilitation,construction of boreholes in rural areas because we have this perennial problem of farmer/herder clashes in my area.

” My area is more or less a border region and it is of a low Savannah vegetation, it is a mixture of forest vegetation and more of low Savannah during dry seasons there is always a problem of water and in an attempt look for water for their cattle they will go into farms get the farms destroyed, they will go into farmers yam barns and destroy it even slices the yam for their cattle to eat, so it has always lead to serious clashes that always lead to death on some occasions.

“So we are trying to advert such things, trying to think out a way of providing water for these cattle rearers separately from the ones the villages have been using, I am just thinking of constructing something like an underground tank for them that will look like a swimming pool, after coming back from grazing field the cattle can surround the constructed water area that looks like a swimming pool and drink, because we know what normally lead to clashes is the search for water more than even the grass they graze on, particularly during dry seasons, and we have already entered the dry season, if you go to my area now you will think the dry season has started for the past 6 months everywhere has already dry up now”, he added.

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