EndSARS: Please, #Calmdown; halt the orgies of violence/all protests now!

By Philip Agbese

  1. My heart writhes in extreme pains now. So, I am pleading to all Nigerians irrespective of age, ethnicity, religion and political party persuasion to consider the larger interests of the nation and compatriots to halt the bloodshed and all forms of #EndSARS protests. We have boldly expressed enough angst against the discredited SARS for days. I plead that no amount of sentiments should be weaponized on us to keep nourishing this sure path to self-perdition.
  2. In the last few days, I have watched with utter amazement, the gradual degeneration of peaceful #EndSARS protests into unabashed acts of mayhem, carnages, arsons and killings in parts of our country. My heart bleeds and the soul wails deeply to see us attacking ourselves bloodily, burning of buildings, breaking of prisons (Correctional Centers) and freeing of inmates as well as setting private investments ablaze in the fury.
  3. The orgies of violence, public disruptions and breaches to public peace are condemnable and needless for Nigeria now. It is destructive for posterity and our entangled nation, whose economy is still tottering on the path to total stability, complicated by the weakening effects of the post-Covid-19 global pandemic. We must resolve today to rise above the antics of our enemies, who have previously inflicted on us all forms of destabilization plots, including Boko Haram insurgency and ISWAP terrorism.
  4. They have never defeated us, and its manifestation in the disguised #EndSARS protests is also not beyond us to overcome. Once we fail to show strength of character in resisting unholy influences, we have acquiesced to the dribbles of enemy forces and on a steady voyage to irredeemable self-destruction. Our internal challenges, differences, and grievances are not irreconcilable. A plea to those spewing the passions of hate and fanning the embers of war to please, give peace a chance in our country.
  5. I thank all compatriots for their understanding.


Comrade Agbese Philip,

Human Rights Activist.

About author


A prolific writer of about two decades standing experience
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