Depression and its attendant implications

By Victor Akaa

One of the prevailing damaging and fast killing disorder in our dear nation is depression.

This monster has claimed many souls. Many people have committed suicide as a result of this disorder as they felt life was not worth living for.

Factors that could lead to depression and subsequently leading to suicide are a feeling of lack of defence, worthlessness, hopelessness, inferiority complex, history of abuse and trauma, stigma and discrimination due to ill-health or social status of the affected persons

Other factors include substance abuse, pessimistic world view about people, wealth, loneliness and meaningleness, poor social support network, among others

One of the strongest antidotes for Depression is social support. Warm, loving relationships, close friendships, and strong family ties.

Individuals who are feeling down, should confide in a friend, share your burden with someone you can trust as it is said that the problem shared is half solved. You do not need to bear it alone.

People who are stressed or depressed should also consult the services of a doctor, preferably a Psychologist who will dig deep into the possible cause of what you feel and suggest to you what to do because treating depression without treating the cause will amount to nothing than making the symptoms resurface

Thus, many people who suffered Depression and got “treated”, still feel the symptoms especially when they live with occasions that predispose them to Depression as there is no immunization against Depression.

Learn to consult a Psychologist for emotional problems; don’t just rush to the medical doctor for feeling of ill. Not all ill needs pill.

Depression kills fast, let us rise up and defend as life on its own has no duplicate.

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