BSU: Students should help the school to serve us better

By Ukan Kurugh

There is an age long, abhorable tradition particularly among students of Benue State University where the payment of tuition is deliberately delayed till examinations come knocking. The regrettable aspect of this tradition being that, even students, who are handed their school fees while resuming feel that, it would be so easy to raise the school fees before the semester examinations come and therefore go ahead to spend same on other issues.

The view by some students that Benue State University is a community school has further complicated this issue and gives some students the courage to rise up against the management of the school at the slightest thought that they deserve better, even when their thoughts and actions are sometimes not justifiable.

We must, if we wish well for ourselves and the growth of our educational system desist from certain acts that have rather clogged the wheels of the development of the Benue State University. We must be willing to, not only see ourselves in the shoes of indigent students, but in the shoes of the management of the school as well.

We cannot wish away the reality that times are tough and the economic realities of the moment are not favourable. But we must also caution ourselves against unjustifiable behavior. It is not right to see students who have secured their tuition earlier, fail to pay same and run around desperately looking for school fees when exams come knocking; a time when they should have settled to study to be able to secure good grades. The bearing effect on their academic output is then even better imagined.

I have personally been in the forefront of supporting indigent students raise tuition fees and also pleading with the school management for consideration and understanding with the students where need be, but we must also take the school to heart. We must look at things critically and holistically, putting ourselves in the shoes of the school management as well.

If we crave for a better school then we must be willing to be supportive, especially where there is no justification not to be supportive. Students who spent their school fees been the first to want to move against the school management when the school portal is closed amounts to unjustifiable behavior.

The responsibility of growing the school lies in the hands of all. When things are done more properly as they ought to be done then it is better for all of us. The sustained sentimental feeling towards students alone some of whom do not deserve same is not in our collective interest. The management of the school should also be supported to serve Benue State better.

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