Assembly Watch calls for regularised salary, payment day for PASAN, NASSLAF

An appeal has gone to Clerk to the National Assembly, Arc Amos Olatunde Ojo to fulfil his promise of payment of Salaries before the 30th of every month, and bring to par PASAN/ NASSLAF emoluments.

A statement issued by Assembly watch and released by Enoch Mike says this two decisions will go along way to forestall continuous demand and unhealthy rivalry in the National Assembly.

The body slautes the positive moves by the new CNA, which led to the payment of the first 28 days allowances, promise to offset areas of salaries and DTA,saying other actions will climax his welfare packages for NASSLAF members .

He urged the new CNA not to see the members of NASSLAF as too demanding,as he will succeed in writting his name in gold, when salaries and salary par is implemented without further delay.

According to the group,this information is not meant to jeopardize the discussion and deliberation of the body and the Management,but a reminder to do the needful.

He urged the synergy between NASSLAF and management of the Assembly, to ensure positive results in all areas.

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