An open letter to His Excellency Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue state

8th January, 2021

Your Excellency Sir,

Permit me to introduce my self to you so that you will know who wrote this letter to you. My name is Mr Francis Pember aka Wakawaka, a philanthropist, the founder of Say Yes To My Needs Int’l Foundation.

Sir, having introduced myself, I want to remind you that Tiv as a tribe is the 4th most populated people in Nigeria and with interesting culture which no other tribe has ever had in Nigeria. Let me mention just few as follows:

1.Tiv people have one predominant religion which is Christianity no doubt.

  1. Tiv people love themselves more than any other culture, that is why Tiv started calling themselves ‘orne’ before other tribes joined to call themselves such loving names in their languages. Of course Your Excellency, even yourself have a team in Tiv that you do greet them ‘Orne’.
  2. AYATUTU KA UNO. ANSWER: Kase. Sir, you know all these things I am talking about. Tiv have different types of cultural dances that do bring them together to do competition like, Kwaghir, Ijôrmbakugh, and many more. One other thing that also promotes love for Tiv people is the love for sports especially football that keeps our youths together and even divert their attention from criminality.

Your Excellency Sir, knowing you very well who served at the national level as a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and that easily gives the good people of Benue state especially the Tiv, who are the majority in the state confidence to vote you in as the Governor. Sir, I also believed you came from the national level to govern the state and my prayer for you is that you will still go back to the same national level as a Senator and hopefully to become the President Federal Republic of Nigeria if only you can address the simple things confronting our state presently and by doing this, there is no doubt Sir your going ahead to next level cannot be an issue much because your antecedents clearly show that.

Benue state is among the states that face a lot of security challenges under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari even worse than other states. Yes sir, I said it clearly and I have no regret on my statement because Benue state upon all these security challenges we didn’t get much support from the federal government to handle the situation. My belief is that the Federal Government is just paying lip service with Benue. Sir, during my tour in Benue state I discovered some police divisions have less than 40 personnel. For example, Kwande local government policemen serving to cover a whole of the jurisdiction which comprises 1 Local government and some divisions cover more than a local government. Surprising! I discovered the immediate security agencies which is said to be more at the grassroots level which is Nigerian police have no support from this administration. For example, from the beginning of this administration, no vehicles were donated to The Police apart from that of former administration. I therefore wonder how do one expects The Police to rush to emergency issues that have to do with security? Out of all the divisions in Benue, 70% don’t have active operation vehicles. For example, Ugba division in Logo local government as of last year when I visited the DPO there, they only make use one of your government vehicle called livestock guard to manage whenever there is a distress call. Of course you know this local government is one of the worst hit in terms of security challenge. I don’t want to mention the personalities that are from this LG because as a youth and advocate of peace I was not trained to do that in a public.

While waiting to meet with you, I want to urge you not to wait for federal government to come and work for your state but you’re to work for your state.

You started the journey with the Buhari administration, you later took a bold decision to divert by decamping to another party how then do you expect them to help you much apart from eye service?

The elected leaders from your state like House of Representatives, State Assembly members etc appear to have not contributed or give any form of assistance to Police in their various areas of representation. They are all waiting for you to do it alone without knowing that security is everybody’s affair because the have opportunity of coming home with security attached to them from Abuja make them not to care for the security of the masses that voted them at their various communities.

I want to believe there are less than 100 police operational vehicles in Benue state police command which is not enough. Let’s put heads together and see how we can put an end to the current insecurity situation in Benue state especially that of Sankera which is the part that make Benue food basket of the nation.

I must appreciate my Benue state people especially the Tiv ethnic stock. In spite of all these, they have no single attack on any stranger. They still accommodate visitors and residents who are there to carry out business activities and who are been protected day and night. Something is wrong somewhere which we must put politics aside and fish out what is happening.

Sir, time may not permit me to say it all here but I will use this opportunity to request for a courtesy visit on you at Benue Peoples House Makurdi. Let us brainstorm on how to bring a lasting solution to the present security situation confronting our dear state. We have no other state to go and leave in forever.

Sir, as an expert and an Ambassador of Peace by nature, I have a plan and strategy that may be deployed to restore peace back to Benue state and its environs.

Your Excellency sir, I would Iove to mention the area we can restore peace in our state back but as I first mentioned. Permit me to have a meeting with you and my team of professionals to bring peace in Benue where we can continue to sleep even outside the rooms as we did in our culture in those days before. Tiv people people still remain the best loving people both for strangers.

Finally sir, my humble appeal to you as a matter of urgency, is for you to reverse the recent ban on motorcycle movement in Sankera axis for now till when we meet.

Sir, as our proverb in TIV language says, WANYE KPA KAA ER IKPERA NYAM TYIOR, if you can do this and approve my proposed security/peace meeting with you, I bet you, God will use our team to bring peace in our state.

Your Excellency Sir, I took complete 1 year 6 months to go round Benue especially the Tivland and I discovered a lot of things which I may not mention here. On my last week in Makurdi, the Benue state capital, I happened to visit the Commissioner of police, Benue state Command, Mukadas during which we discussed at length. I believe my proposed meeting with you which may include all the heads of security operatives in Benue state, and if possible, the senior traditional rulers and religious leaders.

Since no one is there to help us out of the security challenge, let us join hands together and help security agencies to bring peace in Benue.

I happy and thank God that our Benue people have a lot of respect for security personnel that is why one security personnel is controlling about 5000 people or even more.

Mr Francis Pember a.k.a Wakawaka is an indigene of Benue state based in Abuja, the nation’s capital, I am a philanthropist, an employer of labour and above all, a voice of the voiceless.

I am the founder of a humanitarian foundation, Say Yes To My Needs (SYTOMN ) Int’l Foundation,with members all over the 774 Local government in Nigeria. With a membership base of over 4.5 millions, and all our members have individual account with Access Bank as our official bank. It will interest Your Excellency, to know that all our members have a customize ATM with access bank bearing the name of SAY YES TO MY NEEDS. With head office in Abuja, I own and edits an Abuja based viable media outlet known as SYTOMN news that reach millions of people with useful information.

No doubt, Wakawaka is a media icon and a humanitarian to reckon with. In this regards I wish to have your audience for one on one discussion or by call if you can identify my personal numbers (08186557707, 08025817715) to enable you to accept my call.


‘Bridging the gap between the poor and the rich and developing human capacity.


‘Building a society where all citizens have access to quality health care, education and equal opportunities to realize their potentials.

Thank you so much and we shall be expecting your approval for a date for our security and peace meeting with you. Yours Francis Pember aka Wakawaka.

Thank you Your Excellency.


Francis Pember is a freelancer with Love FM 104.5 Abuja and doubles as CEO, Say Yes To my Needs Enterprises Ltd.

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