Ademola Adeleke at 60: A life of vindication!!!

Akintunde Bello Sheriff

For today’s celebrant, life is good with him at every loop because he is a product of grace and exotica. He lives a life that has no iniquities for other men. Ademola Adeleke is a happy man any day who sees nobody as enemies. He is friend to all. As a result, if you plot because of him or conjure hate for the bubble Man, you are sure to live in anguish because you will become a source of hatred to yourself when you realised that the Man you are hating do not even even know somebody is dying of hate or at worse, Ademola Adeleke will not care because his heart is love filled. He wants his company to be all good and this is the secret of his triumphs out of every intrinsically diabolical machinations.

When his late elder Brother Governor was alive, irrespective of their age differential, this marvelous distinguished has always moved with his erudite senior Brother without a break, thus allowing him to inherit the same set of friends of his elder Brother. Apart from the fact that for Otunba Ademola Adeleke being born into the cosmology of politics by a thorough bred and foremost political heavyweight of the ancient days, it is not to be contemplated that whoever moved with the senior Adeleke is a Politician all through. In essence, it will be factual therefore to affirm that Otunba Ademola Adeleke is a Politician of no mean repute based on those two deducing unlike the untruthful belief in some quarters that the Distinguished is not a Politician. What can be be acceptable is that leadership was thrust upon him at a time that nobody envisaged and to his credit and the glory of God, Chief Ademola Adeleke has carried on without defeating the expectation that the people reposed in him as the later custodian of Serubawon political ideals.

The moment he stepped into the saddle, God proved Himself that he was the right choice as he won overwhelmingly like no contestant had done in history when with the support of good political giants in his party and across strata adorned with the love of the masses which was transferred to him, he won in about 97% of the places where his senatorial election was held which made him to be named Senator 9-1, apparently when he delivered votes in 9 out of 10 LGs. Ademola Adeleke did not disappoint the grassroots while he served as Senator of the federal Republic. That becomes evident when One looks around today and see what is obtainable. He offered scholarships to the indigents, built schools, installed transformers to places that were hitherto in darkness and connected same to the national grid, his empowerment schemes for struggling businesses are evidently not in doubt, care for the constituents including the political class was at the forefront. Above all, like a responsible Parliamentarian, feedbacks and scorecards were never toyed with, this accompanied his core assignment of lawmaking vide the sponsor of motions and sundry mechanisms.

This was why when he campaigned for the top most position of Governor in Osun State, with the blessing of his party stakeholders – PDP, it was not difficult for the masses to trust him. He has a clearly outstanding antecedents that could sell which he flaunted. Alas, the Osun State people voted for him as their Governor in the main election, what a love, what an acceptance, what a profile transfiguration from being a Distinguished Senator to being a Candidate elected as Governor. However, the mandate was short lived when those rejected at the polls mobilised scary state might to bend the process through the introduction of strange rules. Support election was held in a week time which turned out to be a selective coronated imposition. Thugs both local and trans national were imported. These dare devil thugs are known names in Nigeria. They dispersed and prevented voters at the rerun and their own figures was announced with the aid of the umpire. All the power brokers in Nigeria across the North to South, eminent Marshalls were contracted just only to scuttle the mandate given to one Man – Ademola Adeleke on September 22nd during the governorship election. Unfortunately, evil triumphed and the whole state became sober when the one they elected was robbed obviously. Everybody was helpless!

As a believer in democratic tenets, One who will not put his supporters in the lurch and cold, Senator Ademola Adeleke did not easily and willfully surrender. He approached the court and he got justice after close to 8 months when the Tribunal affirmed him as the validly elected Governor chosen by majority valid votes of the Osun State people at the polls. The otherwise unhappy people of Osun State jumped to streets and everywhere was a rush because the aspirations of the downtrodden again resonated. Before too long, the high and mighty in the ruling party insisting that nothing will be spared in the imposition carried out earlier and struck again and today, the rest is history. The triumph of evil over goodness is temporary. The evil done to man by a fellow man shall be revisited, if not now, then, later. If not by men, ultimately by God.

Senator Ademola Adeleke did not look what he has been made to pass through. He has received fair dose of what politics in this clime is about, treachery, betrayals and disappointment. He was persecuted within and without, blackmailed and harassed. However he remains standing.

He is in the vanguard of an egalitarian society and he continues to make hope of a people alive. This is why for his army of followers, all we daily say and sing like a song, is that victory is coming some day soon. And we are never stopping to echo “On the March Again” like it was sang in the days of Bashorun MKO Abiola.

On this auspicious day, I wish the trailblazer and lover of the masses, our Leader and Boss, a darling toast to longevity. The dream has not died. Happy diamond jubilee birthday Sir, Otunba Senator Nurudeen Ademola Adeleke, the crooner of IMOLE OSUN 2022 gubernatorial agenda.

Igba Odun, Odun Kan, to our own Excellency!!!

Akintunde Bello Sheriff ABS writes in from Ede, Osun State.

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