A brief reflection on my political journey

By Hon. Bamidele Salam

My first 5 years in Politics were the most challenging years. They were my years of transition and to be honest it was not easy transiting from a social political activist to a partisan politician. I felt like turning over the table and changing many things in one day!

A couple of times I planned to quit and actually wrote a letter of resignation from my political party on one occasion but some of my supporters and a mentor prevailed on me to stay.

As I reflected on those years sometime ago, I discovered that many of my bitter enemies ( or so I thought they were) have become genuine friends and supporters even though my values have not changed one bit!

Of course I have lost few friends to different sides of the divide but the number is not anywhere close to those of former foes who are now good friends.

As I grew older in Politics, I learnt that just like you do have in every community of human beings there are so many people with desires, orientation, values, tastes and temperament different from yours in every political family and some of them may hold the ace to your reaching the desired destination.

Ask God to give grace for patience, humility and perseverance and He will give you!

POSTSCRIPT: I am still a young, upcoming politician o. Those older and more experienced should take this as just a word for the much younger ones here.

Hon. Salam represents Ede North, South/Egbedero/Ejigbo Federal Constituency in the Nigerian House of Representatives

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