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Why teens and singles must keep off drugs, vices

Why teens and singles must keep off drugs, vices


Babalola Seyi

A big problem for most of the youth worldwide is drugs and vices. These drugs and its associated vices are the tools of Satan which destroy many spiritually, physically, and mentally.

What are these drugs and vices? They include alcohol, smoking, various kinds of pills and tablets.

Is drinking alcohol really harmful? Why is smoking bad? First of all these things are worldly behavior which do not have any benefit at all.

Those that indulge in drinking or smocking usually are in search of something to soothe their bodies and mind.

They easily fall for the temporary comfort these bad habits provide.

These things appear to help for a while only to cause further stress and damage to the body at later times.
They are also habit forming such that even when their dangerous potentials is noticed those taking can no longer quit.

Instead, those taking them are trapped and even need higher quantities. This is Satan’ plan. He makes people start smoking or drinking and feel good on these drugs/vices for a while.

Once you are hooked you keep going from bad to worse as you require higher doses of the alcohol, cigarettes or drugs or even graduate to stronger contents of hard drugs. Eventually such youth drop out of school, mix with evil and dangerous people.

Some also lose their sanity becoming mad and others lose their health, developing kidney or develop bronchitis, damage.
Some lose their lives after being driven to suicide by their sorrows. So today as a youth as a single, do you really want to throw away your future? Do you really want to get under the bondage of Satan through these evil substances? Remember the devil is looking for who to devour.

Further Study: Hebrew 11:24- 25, 1 Peter 5: 8, 1 Thessalonians 5: 22.


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