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Home FEATURES Benue leaders in competition of building churches
Benue leaders in competition of building churches

Benue leaders in competition of building churches


By Tersoo Zamber

Akume as Gov of Benue state for 8 years, Senator for 12 years could not complete a tomato processing factory in Wannune his hometown, but he is said to have built a Church in the area.

A private Soyabeans miller in the same Wannune has not been encouraged by successive governments.

Suswam as House of Representatives member for 8 years, Gov for 8 years could not build a yam processing factory in his constituency known for yam farming, but could build a Church in his village at 55.

Some years ago, his elder brother, Terkura Suswam invited me to Anyiin, their village, for the inauguration of two Churches, one each for the Catholic and NKST.

I was accompanied by my colleague Emmanuel Gwaza and we met my course mate, Bemdoo Ugber and my School friend, Baver Juwa in Anyiin.

While there, I counted about 20 truck load of raw yam tubers being transported out of that place.

I could have counted more if I left the coverage of the event and focused on the exodus of yam.

I think this was on a Sunday. Imagine the movement on a week day.

His younger brother, with all the resources and connection to emancipate his people at least in yam processing, has come to build a Church in the same Anyiin.

Who will attend the one built by his elder brother and who while attend the latest one?

Who will maintain the Church given the lack of maintenance culture of NKST and black man generally?

Ortom is taking after their steps.

His own is even worse as there is no good road to his village from whichever way.

He is also reported to have built a Church around Wurukum in Makurdi.

Their counterparts elsewhere are building industries that are providing jobs for the youths who will be better off economic and otherwise, compared to our “Hallelujah singing praises to our failed politicians in Benue”.

The proposed cargo airport is a huge joke, a project believed to be one to siphon public funds.

Sadly, the jobless youths whose future is being stolen by these self seeking leaders are hailing them.

I am left in wonderment whether the problem of Benue is leadership failure or docile followership, or a combination of both.

Lubem A prolific writer of about two decades standing experience


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