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Tor Tiv meet with Tiv community in Abuja

Tor Tiv meet with Tiv community in Abuja


…Sues for unity

…Wants each other to be a brother’s keeper

….Tiv people are indigenous to Taraba

By Lubem Gena, Abuja

The paramount ruler of the Tiv ethnic stock, His Royal Majesty Orchivirigh Prof. James Ayatse has met with the residents in Abuja and environs during which issues of unity, development, peace and progress were discussed.

He used the occasion to emphasise the need for unity of purpose in order to bring about an all-inclusive development of the Tivland.

According to the Royal Father, he has gone round the Tiv nation and come face to face with difficulties faced by his people noting that, with collective efforts such will be minimised.

“There are difficulties all over the place but we must all strive to handle such challenges. We have problems from different fronts. In Taraba, my people are facing afflictions and regarded as visitors. The government is surely looking into it. I however believe that these things will one day be over. Whatever has a beginning surely has an end.

“I had told my children all over Nigeria; in Taraba, Nasarawa, Palteau, Niger and other states that, these places are theirs and they have to take their destiny into their hands in such places.

“I want all my children to live in peace with everyone anywhere they found themselves. I want them to strive for peace and use peaceful means to resolve disputes that may come their way.

“We have to take our pride of place in the scheme of affairs of the nation. I have heard complaints of marginalisation. But there are reasons for these. We also have to our house in order”, the Tor Tiv stated.

He also said, the evil perpetrated against the Tiv people in Taraba is politically motivated judging from the numerical strength and doggedness of his people.

He said, it is indeed his pleasure to share his desire and intentions for the over all development of the Tiv nation.


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