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Firm launches Fin-tech App for businesses


An indigenous financial technology company, Hollaport Technologies Ltd, has launched a mobile application for one-stop-business transactions for individuals and businesses to explore maximally.

At the launch over the weekend, the Chief Executive Officer, CEO, Hollaport Technologies Ltd, Kabiru Rabiu, said the mobile platform which can be downloaded from any mobile device was designed to solve a myriad of transactional problems and logistics challenges individuals and businesses encounter on a daily basis.

According to him, with the App, anyone can transfer and receive funds within and beyond Nigeria, pay utilities bills, purchase airtime and do other financial transactions as well as stay connected with family and friends through instant messaging.

The CEO stressed that the App is apt now considering the evolving changes in science and technology in the finance and technology industry, adding that the multi-layer massaging and financial platform enable recipients to withdraw cash from their ATM without the need to have a card or bank account.

“In other to ensure financial inclusion in Nigeria, Hollaport technologies aims to reduce the learning curve associated with mobile apps and has taken time to develop a lifestyle tool that can fit in all areas of life. So, this easy-to-use platform makes life seamless for businesses by allowing anyone to send and receive up to N100, 000, at once using the wallet system integrated into the platform.” he said.

On his part, the General Manager,(GM), Michael Olowojesiku, said Hollaport was designed to fill the gap were millions of Nigerians are disconnected from financial inclusion. He maintained that the one-touch-platform seeks to increase Nigeria financial technology literacy and adaptation, adding that users’ chat data and information are encrypted end-to-end for financial privacy and security purposes.

The GM added that the fin-tech App runs a well-optimised platform that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate and adapt. He posited that Hollaport also provides support services for users at all times.

“The question has never been, ‘when’ but ‘how’, and that’s the gap we intend to fill in the Nigerian market. So, we are set to do more for Nigerians who would follow this fast-tech trends of financial inclusion to do their transactions with ease; by downloading the application, one can really find lots of benefits that would solve a whole lot from payments, receipts and connecting with partners across borders in a seamless sense,” he maintained.


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