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Free Saharawi from Moroccoan colonial control, NLC warns


By Victor Akaa, Abuja

In a bid to deepen solidarity and expand support for total liberation of western Sahara, the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) has called Nigerian, world leaders to help Saharawi gain its sovereignty from Moroccan dictatorship.

The NLC acting president, Comrade Najeem Yasin made the call when the President of Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, His Excellency, Brahim Ghali called on him in Abuja.

He reiterated the NLC’s commitment to mobilize Nigerian populace in support for the liberation struggle of Saharawi people to free them from the Moroccan colonial control.

“NLC is spearheading national solidarity of the Nigerian labour movement and our allies in academia, civil society, professional groups, peasants and students to mobilise our populace in support of the struggles of the people of the Western Sahara”.

According to him, NLC has had various conferences, mobilised mass protests to Moroccan Embassy in Abuja, organised meetings, engaged many stakeholders and had also procured a space for building a secretariat for the labour movement for the struggle of the liberation of Saharawi people.

He therefore called on all African countries to be committed in making sure Western Sahara gains sovereignty and is free from the colonial control of Morocco.

The president western Sahara, Brahim Ghali congratulated Nigeria for the critical role she is playing in the liberation and restoration of peace in African countries which include South Africa, Mozambique, Libya among others, urged Nigeria never to relent in this regard.

He called on Nigeria to continue stabilising and bringing all African countries together for the unity of the continent.


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