Home NEWS 2019: Borno Senator, Ndume warned to desist from forming new Boko Haram
2019: Borno Senator, Ndume warned to desist from forming new Boko Haram

2019: Borno Senator, Ndume warned to desist from forming new Boko Haram


A senator representing Borno South Senatorial District, Alhaji Ali Ndume, has been urged not to hit up the polity to avoid renaissance of the dreaded Boko Haram sect.

Ndume, is a two-time House of representative member seeking third-term in the Green Chamber.

The former Senate Majority Leader was reportedly linked as sponsor of Boko Haram in 2011.

This alleged connection to the Islamic fighters was made following the State Security Service’s interrogation of a suspected Boko Haram member and spokesman, Mallam Ali Konduga.

Ndume’s trial is still ongoing yet the Gwoza-native has continued to make conflicting statements about the sect – something which hasn’t gone down too well with civil society group known as Borno Integrity Forum.

The group questioned Ndume’s moral right to grant an interview alleging fear over the resurgence of the terrorist sect.

Ndume had claimed to be “ worried on the sudden resurgence of Boko Haram in the North east” following series of fresh attacks in the region.

However, the Borno-based group has “ noted with concern the syndicated interview granted by the Senator representing Borno South Senatorial District, Senator Ali Ndume, in which he supposedly expressed worries about resurgence of Boko Haram in the North East.

“We view the said interview granted by Senator Ndume as most unfortunate given the contradictions and ironies it entails.

“The Senator is currently standing trial for being a Boko Haram sponsor and is therefore least competent to publicly offer suggestions on what is to be done to the terrorists since this could be interpreted as grandstanding before the courts to lessen the severity of the punishment he could get if convicted.”

According to the group, multi-personality, Ndume, has been talking from two sides of his mouth.

They accused Ndume of profiting from the insurgency during elections and urged him to avoid unleashing similar mayhem out of desperation to win his way back to the upper chambers.

In their words made public by Ali Abbas, National Coordinator: “Considering that the intellectual, political and media arms of Boko Haram have engaged the Nigerian state in a propaganda war further makes Senator Ndume’s intervention suspect as it could have been made to sway public opinion in favour of the terrorists.

“This is evident in the way he agreed that Boko Haram has been defeated in one breadth and in the next one expressed concern that the group has resurged. He categorically asserted that scores of troops have been killed and in the next breadth attributed his assertion to allegations.

“Such prevarications mirror the kind of interventions he was engaged in before his cover was blown and he was dragged before the court to answer for his ties with the terrorists. We see his offer to visit military chiefs to discuss Boko Haram as mischievous since he has already offered the insight he has in the market square through the reported interview.

Of course, for a man who knows how Boko Haram came into being and where the bodies are buried, he may have classified information to volunteer to the military about how to diffuse the killer group he helped created. He should have done that in the most discreet matter without turning something as serious as security into a political circus.

The statement added: “Senator Ndume’s sincerity in making the intervention is doubtful since his intention has always been to empty the communities in his constituency of human population so that he can continue to return to the National Assembly without the actual intervention of the ballot box.

“Senator Ndume, having benefitted largely from people being driven out of their homes, is finding it difficult to sleep now that successful military operations have made it possible for people to return to their homes and available to actually vote in the 2019 elections.

“The Senator’s expression of worry is therefore apparently a bid to again have the people scampering out of their towns and villages so that there would be no voters left to sack him at the polls. The worry he has expressed rankles considering that the very people he left without food, clothes and other life’s essentials languished in camps for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) without a Senator Ali Ndume visiting them to provide succour.

“While he has thought they will remain in the IDPs camps in perpetuity, the military has thankfully cut short their sojourn in hell and their oppressor is today consigned to cooking up stories to cause alarm and keep the camps open till after elections”.

Further more, the group urged the judiciary to fasten his trial to ascertain the real cause of the insurgency. They also urged the Federal Government to effectively put measures in place to avoid the sect being used as political tools while advising Ndume to desist from resurrecting the sect.

“Borno Integrity Forum is therefore appealing to the judiciary to expedite the trial of Senator Ndume so that there could be closure for the people of Borno state,” they revealed.

“We equally urge the Federal Government to take active steps to prevent Boko Haram from being reactivated as a political tool for those wishing to exploit the group for the next General Elections.

“In the meantime, we advise Senator Ali Ndume to stop playing politics with the safety of his people and face the electorates at the polls like his counterparts in the progressive and peaceful constituencies of the country are doing. If there is a resurgence of Boko Haram as he wants the world to believe, he bears the burden of explaining his role in the development since he has a track record of such involvement.”


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