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The mission behind birth of WOGRAM: Founder’s perspective

The mission behind birth of WOGRAM: Founder’s perspective


By Margaret Udoh

I woke up one morning and conceived the idea of bringing together, a group of accomplished women, and professionals to share their strengths in building the weaknesses of other women into strengths.

It started as a WhatsApp group. Relevant topics have been discussed by members or guests on weekly periods. Over one hundred women were added to the platform that was first called: “For Women Only”. Some women remained, while some left. The new group that emerged is “Women of Great Minds International” (WOGRAM Int’l).

Mission: To equip women with the information and skills for solving problems required to make them accomplished in their homes, work places, and the society as a whole.

Vision: To raise female icons that bridge gender gaps, have the mindset of independence, and the zeal to achieve excellence in their different areas of life.
WOGRAM has come to stay; it’s a family of beautiful, accomplished, and determined women. They call themselves “Great Achievers” because they have distinguished themselves, and make names in their professions. I believe that if women are empowered with self-development knowledge, confidence, and good mindset, they will do better.

When they think right, have the knowledge of integrating flexibility into the physical skills they have, they will be better achievers and more competent with the work of their hands.
Education matters in everything we do, not only the school learning, but the conceptual, and imaginative mindset development. This mindset will create a woman that is a competent mother, wife, leader, and an accomplished worker. This is what we call the woman of substance. This woman lives above self-indulgence, sexual image, and pettiness. She sees life deeper and beyond her benefits, she leaves legacies, and she is an asset to whoever she relates with her. She adds value wherever she is, and leaves an obvious gap whenever she is absent.

Most women are dominated by the mindset of achieving behind men when they have their own innate inclinations. Some see themselves as sex figures only. Some male leaders have reduced great women to the level of maintaining them in offices only with the condition of taking them to bed. It is difficult to enter the political arena due to the male dominance. When a man dies, the wife becomes stranded and finds it difficult to move on.
When a woman dies, the husband will be encouraged by everyone to remarry soon and move on. Widowhood is an inevitable occurrence; everything that has a beginning must have an end. These days most women have built confidence to come out of those shadows, but the proportion is low; and most fail to carry others along. Women are afraid of competition, some even envy their daughters.
This informed the discourses of the platform to create enlightened mindsets for the members, to help them do better in their present works of life. We later realized that if the platform becomes physical, the objectives will be achieved better, and will grow into something noble. We could create relevance with politicians, government, civil society organizations, female bodies, etc. and add our voice to create positive impact in the society.
WOGRAM Int’l has membership across the country and outside. Their theme is to help women to break out of their shells; if you share in this dream, you are so welcome.

Reach us via: wogram.international@gmail.com


Margaret Udoh is the Founder of WOGRAM and contributes this piece from Abuja.


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