Home NEWS Medical trip: No guarantee Buhari will return within 4 days, Adesina informs
Medical trip: No guarantee Buhari will return within 4 days, Adesina informs

Medical trip: No guarantee Buhari will return within 4 days, Adesina informs


The presidency has failed to guarantee that President Muhammadu Buhari will definitely return to Nigeria after his 4-day medical trip to London this week.

The president is scheduled to leave Nigeria on Tuesday, May 8, and head to London to meet his doctor for a medical appointment that is scheduled to last for four days.

While speaking about the trip in an interview on Channels Television on Tuesday, the president’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, said there’s no cause for alarm over the president’s health as he’s merely travelling for a medical ‘review’.

When asked if the president will return to the country after the scheduled four days, as he’s previously extended medical trips in the past, Adesina said only God has the guarantee over such matters.

However, he also noted that if all goes well with his doctor, the president will return to Nigeria as has been officially announced.

He said, “When you talk of guarantee, man cannot guarantee anything. Man cannot even guarantee life because somebody that is here in the morning could be gone in the afternoon; so in terms of guarantee, nobody can guarantee anything.

“But then, in terms of the health of Mr President, I’ll just say there’s no cause for alarm because he is up and about, he’s doing his duties and what he’s going for is a review. We all need that from time to time. There’s nobody that is 100% healthy. He’s just going for a review so I want to believe that he’ll leave today and come back on Saturday as has been planned.

“But like I said, you know, it is only God that has a final authority on things but all things being equal, he’ll be back on Saturday.”

The presidential aide also dismissed quotes attributed to the president about putting an end to medical tourism during his tenure amid criticism of his frequent medical trips to the United Kingdom.

During the interview, Adesina also reiterated his position that the president doesn’t have to disclose his ailment to Nigerians as he has a right to his privacy.

President Buhari is expected to return from his medical trip on Saturday, May 12.

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