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PRESS RELEASE: Peaceful march for killed Benue priests

PRESS RELEASE: Peaceful march for killed Benue priests

Your Excellencies, the pain that we all feel at this time is not just because priests have been killed this time and during an act of worship in the Church but because it is clear that the terrorists are trying to push their boundaries and test how far they can go in order to fulfill their agenda.
I am very delighted and indeed proud of the Press Release that we sent out. I am delighted at the way we have brought the matter to the attention of the Dicasteries concerned and even to the Holy Father himself. This should draw the attention of the whole world to the problem.
However, before we go to the UN, we need to show in some way back home that we have had enough. I will strongly suggest, that in addition to the Press Release, that we approve a peaceful march which should be organised in each of our Dioceses on the day that the Priests and people who were killed will be buried.
This peaceful protest should be held and duly organised in all the big towns in our Dioceses or as the Local situation may permit. We should submit a letter to all the State Governors and to the Federal Government also.
This should send a signal to the whole nation that we have had more than enough and we shall not take the lack of attention to the matter by the Federal Government anymore.
As the funeral, I understand, is scheduled for 22nd of this month, we should give a directive on this and communicate it quickly for necessary preparations.
Rev. Dr. Alfred Adewale Martins
Archbishop of Lagos


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