Wike accused of funding separatists, criminals in Niger Delta

Governor Nyesom Wike has been fingered as the financier of separatists and criminal elements in the Niger Delta region.

This strong allegation was made by foremost civil society group, 4th Force Liberation Movement after thoroughly reviewing development in the polity in the state.

In a statement signed by Boniface Tegha, Secretary General, the group reasoned that owing to the governor’s antecedents, the state may be thrown into severe crisis as he resorts to violence as a favourite strategy.

Recently, a militant group known as Network of Niger Delta Republic Fighters warned of an impending breakaway, highlighting some selective maltreatment of Niger Delta people.

This and other separatists groups are heavily funded by Governor Wike according to the 4th Force as his individual greed continues to take prominence.

However, the group advised the embattled governor to forthwith desist from further separatist agenda and avoid dragging the Nigerian Army into his personal scheme.

“ The 4th Force Liberation Movement, after reviewing development in the polity of Rivers state in recent days, is concerned at the belligerence being exhibited by the governor, Barrister Nyesom Wike.

“ Already, since the conduct of the elections this year, Rivers state has been experiencing violence of a frequency, intensity and complexity never seen in the state before. We reliably gathered that the intelligence community have traced this upsurge in violence to the activities of thugs that the state governor empowered with weapons for the purpose of rigging the election in his favour and that of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), his party.

“ It has also been confirmed that the so called Niger Delta Republic Fighters, Wike’s new terrorist group is a reincarnation of Niger Delta Avengers, which suffered reputational damage after meddling in politics and becoming exposed to slush funds. The new group is reported to be packed full of thugs that engaged in acts of violence at Wike’s behest during the elections.

“ Disappointingly, even though Barrister Wike has been identified as the brain behind most of the criminal acts now bedevilling the Niger Delta region, he has taken no steps towards remediation, like calling the foot soldiers he armed to order. Even with the recent threats by some elements, like the Niger Delta Republic Fighters, to declare a breakaway republic on June 1, the Rivers state governor has not shown contrition.

“ What Barrister Wike has done instead was to begin a campaign of deceit and distraction, which he is using to take attention away from the key problem of growing separatist activities under his guidance. His lies about the military being involved in illegal oil bunkering is intended both to make Nigerians unaware of his plot at secession and to fool the federal government to withdraw the military from the Niger-Delta to allow his boys strike without resistance.

“ We therefore want law enforcement agencies to investigate talks of Barrister Wike and one Mrs Patience Jonathan know more than they are letting on in the instability brewing up in the Niger Delta. Of particular interest should be donations and fundings they have made in recent weeks since they use the covers of patronage for youth groups, socio-cultural associations and NGOs to finance the militants that are now threatening Nigeria with secession. Barrister Wike and Mrs Jonathan know that what they are involved in is no ordinary funding and provision of logistics for seemingly legitimate groups.

“ Security agencies are further urged to trail the flow of messaging from the terror groups since the press statements for most them are issued from Rivers State Government house with state resources being deployed for their publication. These statements, we gathered, Barrister Wike has instructed should be increased in frequency so that there will be uncertainty about the May 29 inauguration date for most states and at the federal level.

“ The 4th Force Liberation Movement uses this opportunity to warn Barrister Wike to cease and desist from further implementing his separatist agenda against the Nigerian state. This requires that the Rivers State Governor shuts up and stops using spurious allegations to distract Nigerians while his militants plan attacks against the country. Failure to heed this call will see Barrister Wike being exposed to the entire world as everyone now knows about his love for the blood of innocent citizens in the name of politics.”

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