Amnesty International responsible for war in most countries; planning to visit same on Nigeria – Diaspora Group

Concerned Diasporas, a group of Nigerian intellectuals in the United States of America (USA) and neighbouring Canada has blamed Amnesty International (AI) for the rising cases of killings and violence in most countries across the globe.

The group came to this conclusion having thoroughly reviewed the activities of the UK-based humanitarian organisation in recent times.

To avert impending occurrence in Nigeria, however, these intellectuals have alerted the Federal Government and Nigerians about AI’s systematic plot to disintegrate the nation by whipping up ethnic and religious sentiments.

In the report jointly signed by Esther Ede and Olajuwon Olagunju, President and Secretary General respectively, the group reckons AI carries out psychological terrorism through the issuance of reports not often a reflection of the reality on ground.

While advising fellow Nigerians to disregard Amnesty’s misleading reports, the Concerned Diasporas urged the FG to systematically flush the supposed humanitarian group out of its borders.

According to these distinguished Nigerians “ the difficulties experienced towards procuring military hardware for the fight against Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists are as a result of the activities of Amnesty International that has continually churned out false reports of the human rights compliance of the relevant authorities in Nigeria.

“ Amnesty International has become a propaganda tool for Boko Haram/ISWAP and other militant groups to continue to perpetrate acts of violence against innocent women and children.

“ Amnesty International deliberately feign ignorance to the dehumanizing acts carried out by terrorist groups in Nigeria, and tactically avoids presenting such violent acts in any of its reports on Nigeria since 2015.”

The Concerned Diasporas Group further asserted that “Amnesty International has taken this dishonourable path of causing the Nigerian authorities significant discomfort in the international community, and therefore is indeed an interested party on the side of Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists.

“ That the continuous existence of Amnesty International in Nigeria is more than a necessary evil that cannot be tolerated if Nigeria is indeed serious about winning the war against terrorism and other related militant groups in the country.

“ The Nigerian government must activate all necessary machinery to see that the nefarious activities of Amnesty International in Nigeria are curtailed in the overall interest of peace and tranquillity.”

Among others, the Concerned Diasporas recommended the following:

“ That the Nigerian government must encourage its citizens to disregard the reports of Amnesty International and also refuse to avail themselves to be used as a willing tool by Amnesty International in the disintegration plot of Nigeria.

“ That the Nigerian authorities must scrutinize the work permit of the expatriates in the organization to ascertain their conformity to Nigerian immigration policies.

“ That the Nigerian people must join hands with the government to ensure that Amnesty International does not in any way undermine the sovereignty of Nigeria as it is has done in other countries where it operates.

“ That the Nigerian Labour Congress should investigate the compliance of Amnesty International to the Nigerian Labour laws.

“ That the Federal Inland Revenue Service should audit the financial dealings of Amnesty International to ensure its compliance with Nigerian financial and tax laws.

“ That the Nigerian Authorities must as a matter of urgency launch international advocacy to draw the attention of the world to the activities of Amnesty International in Nigeria and how it has continually endangered our relative peace and tranquillity.”

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